Hans C. Masing is an independent candidate running for U.S. Representative in Michigan’s 15th District, which includes Ann Arbor and is now filled by none other than John Dingell. What’s unusual about that? Nothing, except perhaps the fact he’s created a detailed website and campaign blog many months before the election. Optimistic? In his own words: “As my friends and colleagues will attest, when I do something, I do it 100% or not at all.”

His politics seem a mix of beliefs. He seems pro-choice, for some gun control, and supports freedom of speech and electronic freedom. However, I must take issue with his position on affirmative action:

“- Race-based affirmative action undermines the vision of the civil rights movement. A demographically diverse society serves the needs of the truly disadvantaged of every color and ethnicity.
– Affirmative action should help people in need, not people who have a certain skin tone.
– Socio-economic affirmative action is more fair in the long run, and addresses the true needs of underpriveleged persons.”

Author: Rob