From Ann Arbor Is Overrated, here’s a website with many photos of Ann Arbor, including an interesting historical section titled “Lost Ann Arbor.” Ever eaten at the Bruegger’s on North University? You’re dining at the former location of a local sandwich shop called Drake’s (which closed in 1993), so famous as to have earned its own tribute website. Also, I didn’t know that the city of Ann Arbor has the world’s oldest municipal parking structure. A fitting honor for a city that now boasts ten city garages and lots downtown.

In that post, AAIO skewers those who would blindly support local businesses. While I might be a bit more in the local business fan club that AAIO, the point is well taken: “What local businesses, and what chains are they keeping out? If you could eat scented candles, then maybe we’d have the right mix of businesses downtown.”

Author: Rob