“Dean says America needs affirmative action to overcome people’s natural bias to hire and promote employees who look like them. But he had a different position in 1995, when the then-governor of Vermont appeared on CNN.

“You know, I think we ought to look at affirmative action programs based not on race, but on class and opportunities to participate,” Dean said.

Al Sharpton, a civil rights activist and fellow candidate for the Democratic nomination, brought Dean’s previous statement to light this week. He said it contributes to Dean’s “anti-black agenda” — a criticism Dean and his campaign dismissed. “”

> From “Affirmative aciton past could come back to haunt some democrats” The article also points out statements critical of affirmative action made by John Kerry and Joseph Lieberman. But what are the alternatives, you ask – Kucinich just isn’t electable enough! Well, there’s one presidential candidate Michael Moore didn’t mention by name when he came to speak on campus who you might be interested in, and I think she deserves consideration.

Author: Rob