With the MSA election approaching, it’s time to start thinking about student government politics, something I relish. As I can feel some of the more reactionary elements of my readership reacting against my headline, I’ll start by pointing out that neither Students First or the University Party have a consistent ideology. Vote for either, and you might end up voting for a member of SOLE or a member of College Republicans. That said, in general “Students First” leans much more progressive than the University Party, but both have notable exceptions.

MSA voted down a resolution this week that would have offered the unionized employees at the downtown Borders a statement of support before their planned strike this Saturday. Every person who voted for the resolution, with two exceptions, was a member of the Students First Party. However, five S1 representatives voted against the resolution. The University Party voting was a bit clearer: sans two abstentions, and Law School Rep. David Osei (Who defeated a DAAP candidate and S1’s candidate D.C. Lee, a Michigan Review editor) who voted for the it, they all voted against. Here’s the full run-down:

Voted FOR the resolution:

Pierce Beckham (S1)
Rachel Fisher (S1)
Rosie Goldensohn (S1)
Amiel Herrera (S1)
Betty Law (DAAP)
Jesse Levine (S1)
Terri Russiello (S1)
Khuram Siddiqui (S1)
Courtney Skiles (S1)
Monique Perry (S1)
David Osei (UP)

Voted AGAINST the resolution:

Tracy Bell (UP)
Mel Beras (UP)
Tristan deBarros (UP)
Daniel Edelmen (S1)
Greg Graves (S1)
Joe Hawley (UP)
Janet Hong (S1)
Leni Morrison (S1)
Andrew Roskamp (UP)
Joel Stone (UP)
Brad Sugar (S1)
Hilary Winters (n/a)
Dominique Lee (n/a)

Bobby Counihan (UP): abstain, pass
Clint Derringer (UP): abstain
Anita Leung (Blue): abstain, pass
Anita Park (S1): abstain

“This resolution fails by a vote of 11 to 13.”

Author: Rob