” … Employees of the store threatened to strike a number of years ago, but if the walk-out happens Saturday, it would be the first such strike against Borders at any location. Employees of only one other Borders store, in Minneapolis, have unionized. They rejected a contract proposal in October but have asked Borders to return to the bargaining table.

Author and artist events are the main cancellations at the downtown Ann Arbor store. They include Kate Moses on Monday, Martin Amis on Tuesday, Paul Krugman on Wednesday and Bad Boy Bill on Thursday. Roman said those are the last corporately-scheduled events for the store this year. Borders does not usually schedule book events during the holiday season, as the store is usually crowded already, said Roman. However, she added, the canceled events may be rescheduled in the future. … “

> From AANews: “Borders is bracing for strike”, see also “Downtown Borders workers plan to strike”

Author: Rob