What’s the link between Borders and Amazon.com?

The striking Borders Employees are asking supporters to boycott “all Borders, Waldenbooks, and Amazon.com,” leading many to ask, “Why Amazon.com?” The answer is that Borders Incorporated has “teamed up” with Amazon.com to provide online sales on their borders.com and waldenbooks.com websites. Also, Amazon.com has incorporated into their website a feature where users can see whether a specific book is available “for pick up” at a Borders Inc. store near them. I am assuming Amazon.com and Borders both share the profits of any products sold through their “partnership,” described on their website this way: “How does it work? You can still buy your favorite books, CDs, DVDs, and videos through the Borders teamed with Amazon.com site. You’ll also find plenty of exclusive content, including information about Borders store locations and events, as well as Amazon.com’s award-winning online store, reliable shipping and delivery, and renowned customer service.

Like many bloggers, I am member of Amazon.com’s “Associates” program, where I receive a small kick-back if someone purchases a product from Amazon.com after following a special link on my webpage, although I’m planning on quitting this program soon. What’s the alternative? Oregon-based Powell’s Books is the self-proclaimed “legendary independent bookstore.” They have a program similar to Amazon’s associates called a “partnership program”, and their employees are unionized as members of International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 5, with a contract to boot.

Author: Rob