University Party leader and MSA representative Bobby Counihan has introduced a resolution to be considered by the U-M student government that would call for a Taco Bell on campus, which was a key platform item of that party in the spring elections. (Although they have wisely chosen to remove it for this November’s election.)

I guess it doesn’t matter to him that a boycott of Taco Bell has been endorsed by The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the National Council of Churches of Christ, and the American Friends Service Committee, and the powerful United Church of Christ, in addition to a broad array of other civic and labor organizations, including the workers themselves.

On a related note, the Students First Party has also updated their website in time for the elections coming up November 19 and 20, however neither party make mention of increased enrollment of minority students or cutting tuition on their platforms. I guess that means they don’t think those things are important.

Author: Rob