The University has selected four candidates to compete for one or more of the prestigious Rhodes, Marshall or Mitchell Scholarship Programs: Raj Gupta, Johanna Hanink, Clair Morrissey, and Jessica Szczygiel. The University Record story, “Four students compete for prestigious scholarships,” seems to suggest the University believes certain communities are underrepresented in the selection process in place here on campus:

“Adams says the council plans to increase and broaden the pool of candidates, noting that there is extraordinary leadership ability among students in all areas of the University.

“For example, we have talked with Bill Martin about extending our outreach to student athletes, and plan to hold similar conversations with such leadership-rich organizations as the [Michigan] Daily, the ROTC programs and community volunteer groups. Certainly academic achievement is part of the picture for success in a competition like the Rhodes, but so is strong evidence of leadership. Not all students are aware of this, so we want to spread the word,” Adams says.”

Author: Rob