Ever considered the totality of your existence?

” … Despite the growing violence, Mexicans say they will keep coming for a better life even if it means losing their lives on the chance. Take Jose G. Piña and his entourage, who were standing in Agua Prieta having just been deported by the Americans and waiting for their wives to be released. These peasant farmers fled Guanajuato, a state in central Mexico, when it became apparent that the spring floods had destroyed their land.

Early Wednesday morning, in the bright light of the moon, these seven men and five women struck out on their own across the mountains. An hour into the walk, two bandits with pistols stepped out from the bush and robbed them of everything: $3,000.

“At least they didn’t touch the women,” said Mr. Piña, an erect and regal man in an oily cap.

Word of the highway gun battle reached him while he spent the evening in a detention cell, where he said, he was treated well and with respect by the American authorities.

The trip used to be so easy, Mr. Piña said. He has made it at least 30 times. “It’s so much more difficult now,” he said. “There are 100 percent more bandits and criminals out there. It’s a new profession. They rape women and take children.”

He took a drag on an American cigarette as he considered the totality of his existence, and waited for his wife so that they could try the journey again.

“It’s a sad thing,” he said. “It’s hard enough, this life.”

> From NYTimes: “After crossing, Danger to Migrants Isn’t Over”

Author: Rob