In an exclusive editorial in Truthout, former Vermont governor and presidential candidate Howard Dean (See Deanblog)addresses the U-M admissions lawsuits:
“Senator Santorum’s remarks do not exist in isolation. In January, President Bush went on national television to discuss the Supreme Court’s hearing of the University of Michigan’s affirmative action case. One of the most despicable moments of this President’s Administration occurred when, on national prime time television, he used the word “quotas” repeatedly to describe the University of Michigan’s admissions policy.

President Bush knows that the University of Michigan does not now have, and has never had, quotas. His use of the race-loaded word “quota” is intended to incite people’s fears of losing their jobs, or their positions in America’s leading universities, to minorities. Such rhetoric, which is designed to appease the extreme right-wing of the Republican Party and to appeal to Americans’ worst instincts, betrays the guiding principle that America is a nation in which all people are created equal. “

Author: Rob