It seems farmers are rather pleased that Ann Arbor approved the greenbelt proposal:

“… The greenbelt program, approved 2 to 1 this month by Ann Arbor voters, has been all the talk among many in the farming community. Barry Lonik, a land preservation consultant who assisted in forming the proposal, said he’s been in contact with several farmers who have expressed interest.

Gil Whitney is a retired farmer who owns close to 200 acres in Webster Township. He said he’s glad the proposal passed and thinks it will provide many farmers like himself “another option” in managing the future of their land.

“As a farmer, I am really thankful for the way this actually happened,” Lesser said. “We’ve been working from the farmer’s end to try to encourage this sort of thing in the county.”

Lesser said many such programs, including one in Peninsula Township near Traverse City, have been successful and have a constant stream of applicants.

“So there’s plenty of interest in the county for something like this,” he said. “The fact is wherever these programs are in effect and working there are always more people applying than there are funds.” “

> AANews: “Plan gives farmers options”

Author: Rob