Care for a couple tomaccos?

“The tomacco episode also resonated with Baur because he’s not a big fan of the tobacco industry. His mother, a lifetime smoker, died of lung cancer. His father, who also smoked all his life, had one lung removed and later died of colon cancer. Baur also lost an uncle to lung cancer.

“It really showed big tobacco for what it is, and the ridiculousness of this stuff that tastes bad, but then you’re addicted to it, and the lengths people will go to get it,” he said.

In the episode, Bart Simpson says, “It’s smooth and mild — and refreshingly addictive,” when he eats tomacco. Another scene shows Ralph taking a bite of a tomacco. “Oh, daddy, this tastes like grandma!” he says.” (See this Wired story) (Thanks for the link Ben)

Author: Rob