In a letter to the Daily, associate provost James Hilton responds to GEO’s threat to conduct a grade strike in response to cuts in benefits:

“I am disturbed that any member of our instructional staff would talk about withholding grades from students. In fact, the withholding of grades or other services by members of GEO would be a clear violation of their contract. I hope GEO will continue to follow the process for handling its concerns that is laid out by the current contract.”

Also, RHA has voted to enforce their rules about student government campaigning in the residence halls: no more than three per party and one independent in each dorm at one time. The rule has always existed, but has never been enforced well- I’m not sure how they plan on policing activity this time around.

Finally, BAM-N seems to have shown up at a College Republicans even to debate affirmative action.

Author: Rob