In a letter to the Borders Group CEO Gregory P. Josefowicz last year, a group of professors, activists, book publishers, and intellectuals criticized a new policy which, they alleged, would reduce the variety of books avaliable in their stores, and squeeze out books published by small companies:

” … Denied shelf space in a major outlet like Borders, smaller publishing houses will be hard pressed to survive. The Kremlin would have found it difficult to invent a more subtle and effective way of suppressing original viewpoints and ideas.

Books are not just another consumer product. They form much of our society’s repository of ideas; they are the bloodstream for the life of the mind. You have a responsibility to serve as well as to gain, for your books have the protection of the First Amendment. If you were not ready to accept this responsibility, then we cannot imagine why you would have entered the book business to begin with. There are many other things to sell. … “

Author: Rob