The city council is ready to approve a new traffic light on Plymouth Road where two U-M students were struck and killed one week ago after leaving prayers at the Ann Arbor Islamic Center, although city council member Mike Reid is saying he needs “more information”. I’m not sure what sort of problems Mr. Reid anticipates, since it seems the city has been considering a traffic light on Plymouth for some time. However on at least one thing he’s right: the “problem” isn’t limited to one place – pedestrians are endangered crossing Plymouth at a number of locations near North Campus, not just in front of the Islamic Center.

“A traffic light is needed on Plymouth Road where two women were struck by a truck and killed earlier this week, Ann Arbor city officials say. But some City Council members say that without more information, they may not be ready to approve it on Monday.

Council Member Mike Reid, R-2nd Ward, and Mayor John Hieftje said the council has to be careful it doesn’t create a bigger problem with the proposed solution.

“I don’t want to respond to a single event and create a more dangerous situation somewhere else,” Reid said. “I know it will make it safer at that location, but 300 yards away does it create an even worse situation? I don’t know the answer to that.”
Groome said the city has evaluated traffic in front of the center for years and has more than enough information to make a decision.

“I think this has been looked at,” she said. Groome said the Muslim Community Association has asked the city for years to do something about the traffic concerns. “It was needed then, clearly it is needed even more now.”

> From AANews: “Reid: More data needed before new light is OK’d”

Author: Rob