The Daily covers the continuing Borders strike:

“The living wage in Ann Arbor is $10.40 without employee benefits and $9.45 with benefits, said Brad Bachelor, Borders bookseller and employee for three years. Currently, starting wages are $6.50 for cashiers and $7 for floor clerks at Borders, he added.

“We do get benefits at the moment but they have been scaled back,” Bachelor said. “Since the union was formed about a year ago, (Borders) has put a lot of pressure on us to get us to quit. They tried to target union members and talk them out of joining.”

> From “After first week of picketing, Borders strike at standstill”

And also debate at last night’s city council meeting over a new, $100,000 traffic light on plymouth Road:

“… According to Kristine Abouzahr, spokeswoman for the Muslim Community Association of Ann Arbor, leaders from the mosque have been trying to convince city officials to put in a traffic light at the junction since 1988. The Islamic Center was built in 1985.

“It hurts me deeply that the political capital that got us here had to be this tragic accident,” she said. …

> From “Council debates merit of traffic light at fatal crossing”

Author: Rob