Of all the candidates running for an MSA-LSA seat, I am able to suggest voting for three: Ashwini Hardikar, Sam Woll, and Paul Spurgeon. As a reminder, only LSA students will be able to vote for them, and the polls will be open from now until Thursday midnight at www.umich.edu/~vote.

Ashwini Hardikar (Students first – ashwini)
“My name is Ashwini Hardikar, and I have devoted my life on campus to several progressive and social justice causes on campus. I am an intern at MARAL Pro-Choice Michigan, I am on fundraising exec board for the Vagina Monologues, and am a core member/public events coordinator of Amnesty International. I am also a core member of Students for Kucinich, and extremely involved with Students for Choice. I believe that MSA’s purpose and potential is larger than simply funding student organizations, and to tell students that their political concerns don’t matter to MSA is NOT an example of representative government. If elected, I would be a strong and forthright voice for the progressive activist community in MSA.”

Sam Woll (Students First – swoll)
“Sam Woll hails from beautiful West Bloomfield, Mich., and upon arriving to Ann Arbor, she has immersed herself in various progressive causes. Whether it be volunteering at Detroit public schools or advocating for smart urban planning, Woll has always been conscious of how one can build a better community. While she’s dabbled in architecture, philosophy and the social sciences, above all she has dedicated her time and study to the Jewish community.
Woll is a fan of the Greenbelt proposal and is also anti-sprawl. Her platform includes initiatives to improve Student-City relations and increase student voter registration as well as create shuttles for students to Detroit, MSU and Western on the weekends. She would also like to see additional lighting in off-campus student housing neighborhoods.”

Paul Spurgeon (Students First – pspurgeo)

See S1 website

Author: Rob