The Students First Engineering candidate Pedro Perez-Cabezas is sending the following email, suggesting he supports a Pizza Hut or Taco Bell in Pierpont Commons:

“Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 13:59:58 -0500
From: pedromp Reply-To: pedromp Subject: Hey XXX , vote for me today/tommorrow

Hey XXX, support your fellow Engineer, Pedro Perez-Cabezas, and vote for me and my party members of Student’s First as
representatives for MSA. I need your support in order to win. As representive I will support the initiative to pushback lease signing for off campus housing to a date later than December, more cean computer on central campus, more frequent busses with more room and better shelter at bus stops, and more food options at Pierpont Commons (the lease for McDonalds is almost over how does a taco bell/pizza hut sound?).

The voting website is

please vote for me, I need your help.
for information on my party visit”

Author: Rob