Did you hear many student government candidates discussing tenant issues? It must be because housing in Ann Arbor is reasonably priced, landlords are universally respectful, and everyone is getting their security deposits back without a hassle. Right. At least the Daily’s editorial board hasn’t forgotten about the AATU:

“On this administration’s watch, a number of events have unfolded that should raise concern among students. The first of these was the death of the Ann Arbor Tenants Union. In the past, the AATU would help students resolve disputes with their landlords. It provided students with information about their landlords’ legal obligations, encouraging students to understand their rights as tenants. There is no question that the program was valuable to students, but unfortunately, this year the University Board of Regents refused to implement a $1 increase in student fees meant to support the struggling organization. MSA’s lack of clout with the administration and regents ultimately doomed the proposal. The University’s administration can disregard students’ opinions because of MSA’s weakness.” (From “MSA Missteps”)

Author: Rob