“… Gov. Jennifer Granholm symbolically cut her own salary in order to ease Michiganís own financial troubles, showing that if youíre going to cut corners to fit budget constraints, you obviously cut the biggest ones first. And, President Coleman, I do believe that what is good enough the Michigan state government is good enough for the University. Sure you gave $500,000 in internal donations, but you have yet to address the systemic problems of internal overspending.

There is no reason why you, as the University president and an accomplished scholar, should not rake in some serious cash, but if your salary were reduced by even 10 percent, you would still rank wealthy among the nationís university administrators, and that would leave the University with much more financial resources.

As of right now, there are 50 University employees who make more than a quarter of a million dollars a year. If they all took even a 5 percent salary cut, that would make a remarkable dent in our fiscal woes, and GSIs, who technically are paid poverty wages, wouldnít have to be thrown to the wolves of the national health care crisis. … “

> From Ari Paul’s column: “Mary Sue, can you live up to your own rhetoric?”, also see “GEO votes to settle with ‘U’ over heath care”

Wondering where Ari got the data on the University’s highest-paid employees? Try this website.

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