Daily columnist Johanna Hanink focuses on recent events in her column today:

” “Wasted again? ‘U’ students find alcohol ads offensive” (10/03/03) reported on the placard-advertisements that have lately been gracing the residence-hall dining tables. One of these ads reads, “Wasted again? It doesn’t take a lot of brains or therapy to figure out why your love life sucks.” Above is a picture of a woman from below the waist; she is wearing a very short dark skirt and high heels. In large letters across the top, the woman asks, “Why can’t I have a meaningful relationship?” Another ad shows a woman in heels and a short glittery dress throwing up violently into a toilet. “Guilty of dumping toxic waste?” asks the placard.

These ads stereotype those female students on this campus who enjoy going out on the weekends as out-of-control, pathetic relationship dependents. I found the “Why can’t I have a meaningful relationship” tagline particularly outrageous – is that the objective of being at the University? The proverbial “M.R.S.” degree? If we female students don’t have a meaningful relationship, are we failing – is there something wrong with us? There are no “male” analogues to these “public-service” advertisements. The Alcohol and Other Drugs Prevention Program explained that there is a male-oriented line to be released next year, but that the program lacked the funds this year to launch both simultaneously. Apparently we girls are the bigger problem.”

Also, an 18-year old West Bloomfield native has died at a fraternity gathering in Chicago.

Author: Rob