Ah yes, Parking. Solution: Ban cars downtown, and double the amount of housing.

“Like a crouched cat ready to pounce on its prey, University of Michigan student Abby Mohan sits behind the wheel of her red Plymouth Neon scanning South State Street for a parking spot. It’s a daily sport for Mohan, and hundreds of other university students looking for that coveted piece of pavement.

Forget affirmative action, rising tuition costs and the new president’s house. The hottest issue for many at U-M and Eastern Michigan University is parking.

> And it only gets better from there …. “Over the next three or four years, U-M will gain another 1,200 spots” (including a structure planned for the Planada building site) and they make $11 Million from parking permits, and $700,000 from parking fines. See AANews: “Students at U-M, EMU learn parking is a pain”

Author: Rob