Pabst City?

The old Pabst brewing facility in Milwaukee is going to be renovated in a $300 million project that intends to save many of the unique architectural ornament of the buildings, which date back to 1862. The development will include “an amphitheater, cinema, specialty retail shops, office space and loft apartments,” according to a blurb in “Retail Traffic Magazine.”

“If you’ve ever wandered around the place, you’d be amazed at the level of architectural detail and abundance of unique gargoyles and other strange things,” writes the author of “Beyond Brilliance, Beyond Stupidity,” a blog about urban issues, “Bringing the place back to life will not only do justice to the buildings, it will be a massive catalyst to rather stagnant bit of downtown.”

I know another rust-belt city with plenty of historic buildings that could be restored ….

> NYTimes: “Hoping to revitalization Milwaukee” (Or here)
> See also a history of Pabst, or the official story

(Thanks ASP)

Author: Rob