Airbeagle has posted the longest, most detailed account of Michael Moore’s visit to Ann Arbor yesterday I have found online. Complete with pictures!

On a U-M political science student’s failure to name the prime minister of Canada:
“The crowd, especially our visiting neighbors, roared with laughter (and, in the case of the Canadians, anger?) Quite frankly, I was disgusted. Here’s a kid of wealth and privilege, attending a premiere university AND he’s a poli-sci major and he doesn’t know the prime minister of Canada?! Good lord, what’s he studying? And has he never read a newspaper, especially in the last year? Honestly.

Ok, I didn’t think I knew the prime minister of Canada, but I don’t think I would have gave the answer he did: Tony Blair. Doh. Continuing:

“The Ann Arbor News had a snarky little write-up on the event, as Frank mentioned and to which I linked above. As I was perusing the online edition of the paper on, surely just about the worst newspaper website ever created, I ran across a ‘Town Talk on Ann Arbor’ forum. … ”

From which point he digresses into how ridiculous the Ann Arbor TownTalk forum is, something every web-oriented newcomer to the city has to discover at some point, I suppose.

Author: Rob