A Kinder, Gentler Police State

Well, the police say everything is O.K., that’s certainly worth putting in a headline! Although “Despite tensions, police praise student relations” contains plenty of warm-and-fuzzy quotes, it does include something a bit more newsworthy than Sargent Hicks’ failed olympic career:

“… An LSA junior said two police officers outside of Scorekeepers treated her roughly on Oct. 2 after she presented an ID that was expired. The student asked to remain anonymous because she may be taking legal action. She said one police officer grabbed her from behind and said, “I don’t have time for this shit.”

She said the officers were swearing as they handcuffed her and walked her to their car. She confronted the officer, who became more respectful, but his partner took her purse and started going through it.

She said the officers refused to loosen the handcuffs after she said they were too tight. The officers released her and gave her a ticket for expired identification. She was not sure whether they were DPS or AAPD officers. DPS generally does not patrol Ann Arbor city streets such as Maynard Street, which is where Scorekeepers is located.”

Ok, so SST gave me the headline idea …

Author: Rob