I just sent a questionnaire to the candidates for city council. The deadline for responses is Wednesday at 8:00 PM, and I’ll post them here sometime Wednesday night. Here are the questions:

1.In your view, what are the most important issues facing the city?

2.What is your position on the mayor’s Greenbelt proposal?

3.Do you consider students to be residents of the city of Ann Arbor in the same sense that you are, or are they something else?

4.Are the interests of students adequately represented in Ann Arbor city government? What would you do as a member of city council to increase the levels of communication and involvement of students in city government?

5.What would you do as a member of city council, if anything, to make Ann Arbor a more pedestrian-friendly city?

6.How would you have voted (or to incumbents, did vote) on the resolution regarding the Patriot Act passed last summer? Would you vote for resolutions about issues the city is only tangentially connected to such as the Patriot Act, or policies of other branches of government?

7.How should the city handle parking downtown? What do you think about the Downtown Development Authority?

8.What would you do make living in Ann Arbor more affordable? Are rents too high? If so, what should be done about it?

9.Would you support the re-districting of the city wards that would create one or more majority-student wards? Would you support changing the way the city council is selected?

Here’s a list of the candidates and their email addresses. (I’ve inserted spaces in the addresses to foil spammers – delete them to use) The only candidate I wasn’t able to find either an email address or working telephone number for was Donna Rose – if anyone can help me contact her, please email me at rob @ goodspeedupdate.com

# 1st Ward:
Incumbent Bob Johnson Democrat – rjohnson@ ci.ann-arbor.mi.us
Rob Haug, Green Party – rhaug@ umich.edu, rob@ hvgreens.org
Rick Lax, Independent – rlax@ umich.edu

# 2nd Ward:
Incumbent Mike Reid, Republican – MReid@ ci.ann-arbor.mi.us
Amy Seetoo, Democrat – adseetoo@ umich.edu

# 3rd Ward
Leigh Greden, Democrat – lgreden@ dykema.com
Rich Birkett, Libertarian – vicechair@ lpwash.org
Donna Rose, Independent

# 4th Ward
Incumbent Marcia Higgins, Republican – MHiggins@ ci.ann-arbor.mi.us
Dan Sheill, Libertarian – dsheill@ umich.edu
Scott Trudeau, Green Party – strudeau@ umich.edu, scott@ mutiny.net.
Jon Kinsey, Independent – kinseyforcouncil@ yahoo.com

# 5th Ward:
Incumbent Wendy Woods, Democrat – wwoods@ ci.ann-arbor.mi.us
Jason Kantz, Libertarian – kantz@ linato.pair.com, jason@ kantz.com
Adrianna Buonarroti Green Party – abuonaro@ umich.edu, junes_tears @yahoo.com

Party websites:
> Huron Valley Greens
> Washtenaw County Libertarian Party
> Ann Arbor Democratic Party
> Washtenaw County Republican Party

Author: Rob