“The burden is on you, the upper-middle class.”

Whoa Ari, let’s not be too revolutionary. As a disclaimer, Ari’s something of a friend of mine, but hey, being biased is what I do. Here’s some more excerpts from his column this week in the Daily:

“I have a confession to make. I have a soft spot for the fire-starting anarchists in the Earth Liberation Front. Shocking how a beef-eating, leather-coat-sporting chap like myself can giggle approvingly at ELF antics, but hey, revolution makes for strange bedfellows.

Some raise their fists in support, some cry on about ecoterrorism and some need an explanation. The ELF is a loose network of militant environmentalists that has been known to set fire to under-construction high-income houses and vandalize and incinerate SUVs whose gas consumption is rapidly destroying our environment as well as funding the Saudi terrorist regime, a loyal ally of the Bush-Cheney junta.

What I hope the ELF can do is make SUV drivers feel as if they have been vilified, as if their precious Ford Explorer is in itself a criminal waiting to be executed by the vigilante squad because of its lethal effect on the rest of us. Ditto for the developers; their actions not only kill the landscape, but their conformist dreams are killing our nation’s middle class.

Perhaps it’s unfair that SUV owners would have to live in fear of the ELF. Well, when I owned a car, I had to live in fear because I was constantly flanked by these tanks that could kill me with one soft collision, because I couldn’t afford an SUV’s high cost. SUV drivers don’t like the taste of fear? Neither do I. … “

In other news, does anybody want to apply to serve on Ann Arbor’s Cool Cities Advisory Group?

Author: Rob