There are a few articles of interest in the Daily today. They covering the greenbelt issue in the city council elections in “A2 city council hopefuls discuss urban sprawl” However, their statement “… all University residence halls are located in the 4th Ward” is incorrect:

– Ward 1 contains West Quad and Bursley, and the Michigan Union and Bursley are voting locations
– Ward 2 contains the Hill dorms, and Markely is a voting site
– Ward 3 contains East Quad, and is also a voting site
– Ward 4 contains South Quad, also a voting site
– Ward 5 contains the Main Street area and the Northwest corner of the city, most students would vote at a precinct at Jefferson and Fifth Street (west of Main street)

For more voting information see my voting page.

From the article: While Kinsey said he thinks the city is effective in maintaining a tolerant balance in relations between the Ann Arbor Police Department and the students, Trudeau said, I would like to see an independent board set up to address complaints that students and also residents have of unfair violations.

The Daily also endorses Scott Trudeau and Rob Haug in Wards 1 and 4 in an editorial today.

Also of note is “Lecturers rally for improved relations”, and the Daily writes about yesterday’s crime alert: “Student assaulted near Frieze building” Finally, a representative of the Border’s employees’ union responds to a viewpoint written by management: “Borders, not Daily, needs to get facts straight.”

Author: Rob