[…] “I think it’s safe to say that most motivated, intelligent, creative young students that come to the Daily end up leaving. … The newspaper is run with an extraordinarily rigid hierarchy, which undoubtedly dissuades many writers who wouldn’t like to spend two years of their college career as the equivalent of someone’s literary bitch. Since the newspaper is unprofessionally run, only the reporters who make it their life stand any chance of getting their articles in print consistently, and getting selected for desirable beats. And being asked to work “production” – from roughly 4 PM until around midnight or later – two nights a week – undoubtedly scared off people who could contribute much to the newspaper. (In the past, other students interested in layout and production were hired to do this job, and writers focused on writing and reporting.)

Survivors must be willing to dedicate obscene amounts of time for extremely little pay to a mediocre publication for editors who are sometimes rude, immature, unsophisticated, and who tolerated zero dissention in the ranks on any matter of substance. I’ll leave for your judgment whether the leftovers prove savvy and wise senior writers and editors themselves. […] “

> From Inside the Daily Part 1: The Symptoms

Author: Rob