In a letter to the editor today, former MSA president Matt Nolan seems to claim credit for the changes to the Code of Student Conduct, although I distinctly remember discussing an explicit burden of proof with OSCR head Keith Elkin and VP for Student Affairs Royster Harper during the year and a half I served as Student Rights Commission Chair. Meanwhile, as Matt Nolan is heaping praise on the administration (“Thanks to Coleman, [OSCR] Director Keith Elkin and all who work thanklessly for positive change every day”), the outgoing Student Rights Chair, most closely connected with the recent discussions with the administration, paints a very mixed picture about the true importance of the changes in another letter. In an article quoting him:
“There are basic rights given by other Big Ten universities and other elite universities that are unprotected by the University of Michigan. In many ways, we lag behind other universities,” he said.
> From Daily: “Code critic finds flaws in hearings”

The Daily also profiles “students” running for city council, although Scott Trudeau graduated with a BGS in 2001: see “Students run for A2 city council”

Author: Rob