” … The report found that younger people “do not understand the ideals of citizenship, they are disengaged from the political process, they lack the knowledge necessary for effective self-government, and their appreciation and support of American democracy is limited.”

In one example, the survey ranked how young respondents viewed a career in politics: Only farming ranked worse than the prospect of a career as a state lawmaker, member of Congress or president.

Most — 53 percent — looked favorably on a career in business, while 44 percent chose music or theater. President? That only drew 16 percent. (Respondents could pick more than one career). … “

Fairly dismal stuff, but I’d only be worried if the apathy was getting worse, I’m not sure youth have ever been as jazzed about politics as rich old people.

> From an AP story republished on Jim Hightower’s blog

Author: Rob