U-M Grad David Enders has returned to the United States from Iraq, where he has been editing a english language news magazine in Baghdad. Among his first stops was an event at a church in his hometown of Grand Rapids. It’s been noted to me that although the event was attended by a variety of media, the Michigan Daily wasn’t present, and the Daily has not asked Enders to write anything from Baghdad. Enders was a news reporter for the Daily for four years as an undergraduate, and has also worked for the Associated Press and the New York Times.

” … The Bagdad Bulletin covers politics, sports, economics, and other news. Stories are in English and, Enders said, contrary to popular belief, many Iraqis speak English. The Bulletin is distributed as far as Jordan, 600 miles away with few copies to spare, he said.

Censorship has not been a problem. “We run into the same issues that other publications do — military people (are) left ignorant on purpose, it seems. It’s hard to find someone with information who is willing to share it.” … “

> Grand Rapids Press: “Young editor reports on his life in Baghdad”

Author: Rob