Michigan Review Assistant Editor Matt Mulder has started what he describes as “Michigan’s Only Men’s Magazine,” a Michigan-oriented online magazine for men. The inaugural issue is already online, and features a review of Outkast’s latest CD, a piece complaining about the athletic department’s student ticketing policies, and a sex advice column (“What’s the big deal with women and porn?”), among others. Where, exactly did the idea for the magazine come from? Mulder explains:

“The founding moments of this magazine were the essence of the college male:

We were sitting around, eating pizza, drinking beer, and watching Sports Center. We were laughing, pushing each other around, and taking every opportunity to make fun of each other. We were devilish, confident, and completely irreverent.

We were having one of those conversations that all college guys have—the one where we all mention in jest cool ideas that were just cool enough to never be acted upon. You know, ideas like having a goat at our next house party, or planning a panty raid at the Kappa house for later that night. Those type of ideas.

Then I opened my mouth: “Hey, what we should really do is start a men’s magazine for the University of Michigan. We could all write whatever the hell we wanted, and we could get girls to pose for us. Hell, we could even get a real men’s magazine to sponsor us. It would be tight.”
Then, several months later, I was sitting at home and was completely bored. When I get bored, my imagination takes over, and for the split seconds that I can actually block girls out of my mind, I am able to think with much clarity and foresight. As such, I realized that making this idea a reality is simpler than I could have ever imagined … “

Well, I don’t know about you, but ESPN’s Sports Center is essential to my life. Add Mich Magazine to the “Ann Arbor Paper,” and “Moment,” a progressive political journal, as publications launched this year. Meanwhile, on the list of the recently departed, the Michigan Independent seems to have finally died, and The Agenda hasn’t been published for over a year, as far as I know.

Author: Rob