I have been notified by a friend in the U.K. that two members of the Revolutionary Workers’ League / BAM-N – Jodi-Marie Masley and Luke Massie – have been active in a controversial legal case in the U.K. The people behind the RWL have been rightfully discredited for their behaviour in Berkeley and Ann Arbor, and seem to be continuing the same tactics of violence and intimidation. My friend writes: “In my view BAM-N are deploying profoundly cyncial tactics, including the manipulation of a local mouthpiece, to incite racial tension and to raise the profile of racial inequality. Racial inequality is a terrible thing which should be eliminated. The methods being deployed are not good.” Here is an excerpt from a local news article:

“At the hearing, Ms Boardman also claimed she had been threatened by Luke Massie, one of Mr Owolade’s legal team.
She said: “He said they would target me and my family until I went or Alex Owolade was let back in. His approach felt very threatening – he physically pinned me in a corner near the entrance door.”

Mr. Massie denied either pinning her to the wall or mentioning her family.”

> From this article in a South London paper
> See also this excellent column about BAMN’s tactics by Nathan Newman, a blogger and journalist in the U.S.: Hijacking of the Affirmative Action Movement
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Author: Rob