Around three hundred people, some perhaps innocent of any crime other than being in the wrong time at the wrong place, remain detained at Camp X-Ray indefinitely, as suicide attempts have increased in recent months. Interestingly, a quick google news search reveals the matter has largely dropped out of the mainstream U.S. media, minus a few left-leaning websites.

> London’s Evening Standard: ‘Free Camp X-Ray London businessmen’
> The U.K.’s Mirror: “Camp X-Ray Brit tries to hang himself”
> CS Monitor: Grim maze of razor wire, and some humane efforts
> Newsweek: Guantanamo Justice?
> See also, photos here, and here

“The new general in charge of this offshore prison project says he considers each of his captives ”killers” even before any military justice that Washington may mete out.

Speaking in a get-acquainted interview with The Herald and The Associated Press, Brig. Gen. Rick Baccus said it was ”not really” of concern to him that Pentagon guidelines for any upcoming Military Commissions consider the captives innocent until proven guilty.
> From a FL newspaper: Base’s new chief calls captives `killers’

Author: Rob