I finally got around to adding the “Campus Hall of Shame” to the Onsite navigation menu on the right side of this page, and I thought it worthy to bring up again. On an unrelated note, I’m reading Upton Sinclair’s The Brass Check, and it’s inspiring me to write a kiss-and-tell about my tempestuous relationship with the Michigan Daily. (From which I was fired last academic year – twice – by two different editors-in-chief – mostly for disagreeing with them) I’m thinking about serializing it on this website, perhaps spreading it out over two week’s time. It would be about what’s wrong with that ailing paper, and how it can be improved. What do you think?

Also, a co-op where I used to live has started a blog, which I added to Director of the LSA Honors Program Prof. Stephen Darwall as the latest unexpected place where the ubiquitous web technology has popped up at the U of M. At this rate, President Coleman will be next!

Author: Rob