The Michigan Land Use Council, appointed by Governor Granholm to investigate ways to preserve open space and prevent suburban sprawl in the state, is preparing to release their report August 15. The Ann Arbor news reports: “A local builders group representative gave the recommendations mixed reviews, while a local land preservation leader generally was positive about the report.”

> AANews: “Recommendations ready for land use”
> Freep editorial: “Land Use Council: Emphasis on planning will protect Michigan’s assets

Also, a church in the small Michigan town of Greenville has held a book-burning, burning a Harry Potter book, copies of the Shania Twain album “The Woman in Me,” the movie “Coneheads,” and the Book of Mormon:

“It’s important for children to know that Harry Potter is witchcraft,” Jill Turner, the bishop’s wife, told the Daily News. “It really afflicts their minds.”

The church is far from the first to burn copies of Harry Potter. The book has been burned for years by fundamentalist Christian groups.

In 2001, a church in New Mexico burned copies of the book along with Eminem CDs and copies of the movie “Snow White.” The same year, a church in suburban Pittsburgh burned Potter books, too.
> From Freep: “Church group burns Harry Potter books, Shania Twain CDs”

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