The Princeton Review, the company that administers the SAT and also test prep courses, has released their annual survey of college students about top colleges in a number of categories. As usual, the U-M ranked highly for both its partying and academics. Although Julie Peterson is telling the media they don’t take ‘such surveys seriously’, I would hope they’re a little worried about the first one. Here’s the U-M ranking in catagories they made the top 20:

#13 Teaching Assistants Teach Too Many Upper-Level Courses Academics
#14 Best Academic Bang For Your Buck
#10 Lots of Hard Liquor
#6 Major Frat and Sorority Scene
#12 Party Schools

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Meanwhile, the only students Ann Arbor News Reporter Geoff Larcom can scratch up is a couple former MSA presidents. Maybe he had their cell phone numbers already programmed in his:

“It’s a Big Ten school with a whole atmosphere of festive spirit, but its not a party school in a negative way that it rules everybody’s life,” said Sarah Boot, a recent graduate who served last year as president of the Michigan Student Assembly.

Matt Nolan, who preceded Boot as MSA president, said he would rank U-M even higher than 14th for best bang for the academic buck, and that its high Greek life rankings stem from the fact that nearly 20 percent of undergraduates are involved with a fraternity or sorority.

“The doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the wildest scene or out of control,” he said. “What it means is that if you want to be involved in Greek life, you can be, because there are so many houses.”

And U-M’s party scene?

“I always had a good time here,” Nolan said.”

> From AANews: “Student poll ranks U-M 12th-best party school”, see also “University of Michigan: A Party School?”

Author: Rob