Let’s see … Borders’ Books is reporting large profits, but are still blocking efforts by employees to unionize their stores in Ann Arbor and Minneapolis MN, a man was attacked on his porch in the student ghetto, Republican state legislators want to amend the state constitution so 2/3 of the state legislature can veto any class offered by a public university, John Ashcroft is insisting the Patriot Act was needed, even though it hasn’t been used to catch any actual terrorists, and Ted Nugent is denying he used racial slurs. Yet another fine day in Michigan, U.S.A.!

“About 50 people demonstrated outside the building, chanting: “Ashcroft go home. Down with the Patriot Act.” Tim Beck, of Detroit, said he believes Ashcroft and President Bush are taking advantage of people’s fears to promote invasive legislation.

“It seems it’s an excuse to trash the Constitution and take away our civil liberties,” he said of the attacks. The act “just doesn’t feel right on a gut level. It has too many scary historical parallels.”,

Author: Rob