“Summers was an impressive candidate from the outset. … But Summers’s temperament was troubling to some members of the corporation. The word from Washington was that he could be peremptory, condescending, impatient with lesser mortals. He had, as Robert Rubin, Summers’s mentor and predecessor as treasury secretary, delicately put it, ”a rough-edges issue.” Rubin says that he spoke to members of the committee on four or five occasions. He assured them that Summers had matured a great deal in his years with Treasury. Still, the committee was torn until the final weeks — even days — between Summers and Lee Bollinger, then president of the University of Michigan, a candidate who seemed more polished and politic than Summers. (Bollinger is now president of Columbia.) In the end, the wish for boldness won out over apprehensions of abrasiveness.””

> From this ridiculously long profile in the N.Y. Times of Harvard’s President Lawrence Summers

Author: Rob