Howard Dean is planning a $1 million in TV ads to air in six states. In the ad, which has not yet been shot, Dean will tell Americans:

“I opposed the war with Iraq, when too many Democrats supported it, because I want a foreign policy consistent with American values,” the script says. “As governor, I created jobs, balanced budgets and made sure every child in my state had health insurance. As president I’ll make sure every American does too.

“Visit my Web site, join my campaign,” he will say, with the Web address and toll-free number displayed prominently on screen. “Together we can take our country back.”

I suppose America has been ruled by right-wing wealthy white men for so long that the minute a moderate says “I won’t kill your children in an imperialist war to benefit my friends in the oil industry, and I won’t deprive the most vulnurable members of our society healthcare” frustrated liberals open up their checkbooks and dance in the streets. Meanwhile, what’s wrong with a single-payer system of healthcare like the one proposed by Clinton in 1992? Why isn’t Dean talking about campaign finance reform – in my mind, still badly needed? Why isn’t Dean talking about gun control? Oh, that’s right – the NRA gives him an ‘A’ rating. Luckily the Wall Street Journal thinks he’ll be “pulling a George McGovern” mostly because they’re hand-wringing over his claims he would repeal the Bush-era tax cuts. Maybe somebody should remind them that for most voters – even the upper-middle class – the tax cut was something of a joke, a few hundred dollars at most. Maybe the Journal should look harder, I’m sure they’d be able to find something to celebrate:

From last September:
“I’m much more conservative than President Bush is when it comes to money,” Dean said by phone last week. He added that in his campaigns for governor, he has always enjoyed the support of the National Rifle Association.

Author: Rob