The Ann Arbor News published their mammoth annual “M” Edition today to correspond with the new school year. A complete listing of the articles in this years’ is avaliable here. Some highlights? The number of applications to the University increased 3% this year, setting an all-time record, however university officials aren’t saying it has to do with the amount of media coverage surrounding the admissions lawsuits.

Also, the bridge across Washtenaw Avenue near the Power Plant will open September 15. This from the same article:
The university’s architectural principles, said Gott, call for “connectivity” among buildings, designs that are pedestrian friendly (“walkable, bikable”) and environmental safeguards, such as storm water detention ponds, the planner said.

Can someone explain to me how tearing down conveniently located apartment buildings to build inhumanly scaled laboratories or parking structures increase the “walkability” of the campus?

Author: Rob