Although Daily columnist and former editor-in-chief Jon Schwartz’s friend in ROTC doesn’t have a problem with anti-war protestors, the LSA senior who wouldn’t know “organizing” if it hit him on the head, still thinks last week’s anti-war protests were inappropriate:

“The anti-war protesters on this campus, though, are too caught up in organizing their rallies and making their signs to examine the way that issues change. Being “anti-war” is not an excuse for opposing every single thing about every single war. When America wins this war and Saddam is deposed, these people will hopefully never know the dangers that they have been saved from. They’ll never know what would have happened if Bush had listened when they told him to make love, not war. It’s disappointing that people get too caught up hating Bush, hating war or hating the idea of fighting at all to realize the justifications that do exist for this conflict.”

He concludes:
So I say protest all you want. Show the people who make up our government what you think about them. But I can’t accept doing it on the first day of a war. I can’t accept doing it less than 24 hours after kids like us stationed across the world got the order that would forever change their lives.

Also students in the school of social work have planned a “peace forum” for tonight from 5 to 7 at the SSW. Campus pro-war activists with the Young Americans for Freedom chapter plan an pro-war protest outside at 4:45. “Pro-war?” you ask? Yes: see the national Students for War website.

Author: Rob