More details on the Haddad story today – after being detained for six hours by authorities in Lebanon he was released. Also, Haddad’s friends and local activists held a press conference today at 1 pm at Ann Arbor’s Islamic Center.

> NYTimes: “U.S. Deports charity leader in visa dispute”
> AANews: “Haddad deported from U.S.”
> Freep: “U.S. deports Muslim activist to Lebanon”

This is from the Ann Arbor News story:
“Greg Palmore, a spokesman for the Bureau of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), had confirmed Tuesday afternoon that Haddad was deported but then called The News to ask the story be held until Thursday for “national security” reasons. He said two federal agents were accompanying Haddad to Lebanon and feared for their safety if word leaked out.

The request came to hold the story even though the agents had allowed Haddad to call his family from The Netherlands.

Palmore withdrew the request when it became apparent that Haddad’s deportation had become public knowledge.”

I wonder if they considered holding the story?

Author: Rob