While you won’t find it in the Michigan Daily coverage, out-of-state tuition will increase 6% next year, less than in-state tuition, perhaps because it’s already so inflated. From the A2 News’ “U-M Budget Highlights”: “Nonresident freshman and sophomores in LS&A will pay $24,778, an increase of 6 percent, or $1,412.” I am assuming the increase is similar for me, an “upper-level” (juniors and seniors) out-of-state LSA student .

Here’s a roundup of tuition-increase stories:
> AP: “U-M, Western Michigan approve tuition increases”
> AANews: “Tuition burden rises for U-M undergraduates”
> Freep: “U-M, in a bind, raises tuition by 6.5 percent”
> Det. News: “U-M boosts tuition by 6.5 percent”

Also, this story on Haddad:
AANews: “Rep. Conyers demands information on Haddad”

Author: Rob