Haddad’s family has been deported:
> AANews 6/27: “Family’s deportation closes one chapter”
> DetNews: “Supporters rally as Haddad’s wife, children deported”
> Freep: “Wife, children of Ann Arbor activist also deported”

Also, this on the RIAA’s crackdown on teens for file-swapping, something most musical artists encourage:

“The RIAA subpoena claims the Ann Arbor user violated copyright laws by offering up pop and rock songs, including Madonna’s “Material Girl,” No Doubt’s “Underneath it All,” and the Guns and Roses tune “Sweet Child of Mine.””

> From AANews 6/25: “Recording industry subpoenas Comcast for local ‘swapper'” The article quotes University administrators who say the RIAA’s changing tactics mean they may be forced to divulge the identities of students caught file-swapping using university computers.

Author: Rob