Another U-M Blogger Mike Roth has posted a response to the RIAA’s tactics of attacking individual MP3 file traders, announcing he’s going to resume buying CD’s but do everything he can to keep the record labels from making any money from him.

All good stuff, until I get to the part where he bashes the United Auto Workers (“It’s not that I hate the concept of the recording industry – hell, the UAW plays a part in pretty much every car I’ve ever driven, and I have no problem with it – it’s that I hate their tactics.”) Yikes. I suppose it’s an example of the effects of media and education systems that largely leave out the important historical role unions have played in America that makes an 18-year old feel as if he can dismiss the UAW because of their “tactics,” (which have been mostly nonexistant since they sold out in the 1950s.) Without digressing further I’ll simply refer the visitor to Detroit, I Do Mind Dying, a great book about the radical union movement in Detroit in the 1960s and 1970s.

Author: Rob