While Salon may have dubbed Al-Muajaha (“The Iraqi Witness”) ‘Baghdad’s only independent newspaper,’ it will be joined next week by the paper U-M student Dave Enders is helping write, the Baghdad Bulletin. Hopefully these new english-language papers will help get some information out about Iraq that doesns’t make it into the New York Times. Meanwhile, Salem Pax is blogging away:

“Did I tell you about the time when one of Bremerís aides asked [my father] what the difference between a tribal sheikh and a mosque sheikh is? They send them thousands of miles to govern us here and then ask such questions.” (The U.S. neocolonial dictator of Iraq, Paul Bremer, a former employee for Kissinger’s consulting firm, recently announced ‘reviving the economy’ (aka: oil) would take priority over limited power sharing with Iraqi leaders.)

Author: Rob