From this USA Today op-ed:
“… But until I reviewed my class directory, I had forgotten how unrepresentative and undemocratic law schools were before affirmative action began. My directory listed 243 graduates. Examining the names and calling upon my best recollection, here is its composition: Four women. One (possibly two) African-American. One Hispanic surname. The remainder of the class, some 97%, was non-Hispanic white males. The faculty? One hundred percent white male.

Unfortunately, conservatives who are opposed to affirmative action have become a potent part of the political base of the Republican Party. With exquisite hypocrisy, they wave the banner of “racial neutrality” in support of their efforts to retain the preferences they once enjoyed without challenge. Now the Justice Department has lent them its support, asserting that while racial and ethnic diversity in education is a legitimate goal, it can be achieved by “racially neutral” means …”

Author: Rob