Last week, President Mary Sue Coleman named Dr. Robert Kelch to head the University of Michigan Health System, filling an important vacancy in the administration. I thought the AP story put his new job well:
“In his new role, Kelch will oversee all three components of the Michigan Health System: the Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers, which have more than 11,000 employees and a 2003 operating budget of $1 billion; the Michigan Medical School, which has more than 2,100 faculty and 1,500 students and trainees, and received more than $290 million in research awards in fiscal year 2002; and the M-CARE managed care organization, which has 203,000 members.
> U-M Press Release
> Det. News: “U-M Health System names new leader”
> Iowa Press-Citizen:Kelch to leave UI for Michigan”

Author: Rob